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Fun, fireworks & flabbergasted foreigners

Yesterday we arrived at the New Life Children’s Home. The 80 or so children greeted us with flowers, music and even fireworks! The kids are gorgeous and steal your heart within minutes.

Today we visited the, almost complete, Lepers Colony Housing Project. Those visiting for the first time were not confronted by the poverty and hopelessness encountered by past teams. Instead they were overwhelmed by the grandness of these amazing homes and the vibrance and gratitude of the people. For those of us, like Beth and Brent, who have seen the homes in construction, we were totally flabbergasted at the end product!

"Today will go down as one of the best memories I have. To see the "New Life Colony " almost complete was a very emotional experience. These forgotten people who were the least in society and now their new homes stand out as the best. Well done Reaching Thousands and to all who contributed. Love Beth"

-Beth Holder, giver, lover and punjabi dress maker

“There is something special about seeing things through to the end that really fills you up inside, and when that thing affects people in dire need, it really can bring tears to your eyes (Literally, I was welling up). This is my second year on the India trip in a row and last year I got to meet the people whose lives we were impacting and although I will never forget that first experience, this time around blew me away. Last time I was here we walked a flat slab of dirt and concrete that is now occupied by brand new houses that not only homes the folks in need, but is the envy of the local community. You could see the gratitude on the faces of people that had been told they were worth less than dirt, the lowest of the low in the eyes of the society, now given homes and in turn, dignity. You truly can't understand the plight of these people until you're here, but let me at least try to give you some. We got to walk into the new homes of the colony and the pride they had in showing us what they now owned was heart warming, They are the most loving, appreciative people in the world and I know its a bit of a clique, but many hands makes little work”

-Brent Deacon, boardgame extraordinaire, rubix cube master & all round nice guy

Builders are working through the night to finish the homes by the opening ceremony this Saturday. Tomorrow the team will be joining them to help paint. Bring on Saturday, we can't wait!!!!

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