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Moves and Musings with Jayden

In India, women are often disadvantaged and widows disenfranchised. In our small bid to challenge this we extend our support and care to over 50 gorgeous widows n the town of Narsapur.

Last week the team served the gorgeous women a meal, and they in turn gave us a serving on the dance floor. After learning that many had trouble seeing, we organised an optometrist. Twenty of the women need glasses. The generous team jumped on the opportunity to contribute and together we’ve already paid for 13 of the 20 pairs of spectacles. Every team member authentically connected with these beautiful women, their journey and their joy.


“Today I was super blessed seeing the faces of the beloved widows in the Reaching Thousands Widows Homes. Their tear glazed eyes revealed to me the bittersweet journey of life. Their bodies allowed them to dance and their hearts let them sing and at the same time their eyes revealed the hardship and trial that life has brought. With their hands held to their chest, they asked us to pray for them. Wow! My heart was humbled, I mean, who am I?

Although there was a language barrier, just standing with her and acknowledging her existence was enough. It was definitely a special moment. It is such a privilege to see someone who has done the journey of life in another place and time and stand with them. The world is so big, and yet each and every individual life is vast and sacred !!! "


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