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Tejaswini's Story

"I was 8 years old when I came to Ashray School. I lived in a slum area in Santosh Nagar, Hyderabad. My dad is an auto driver and my mom is a homemaker. My sister was married as a young girl and could not complete her education, my brother in 7th class. My family struggled financially. My parents wanted to kill me at my birth because I was the 2nd daughter. So I spent my early years with my Grandma. I did early schooling in other hostels in Hyderabad but struggled to live there; then I came to know about Ashray School and Children’s Home and forced my parents to join me there. I joined in grade 2. First I struggled with studies till grade 5 but then gained interest gradually topped my class in grade 10.

I studied in Ashray and got 85% in 10th; 12th 82%; Degree B.Com Honors in Osmania University College for Women; Hyderabad with 85%. In March 2018, I got placed in India’s No.1 corporate company - Tata Consultancy Services in college campus placements. I am now earning a healthy salary and have cleared all my parents’ debts. Even though my parents wanted to kill me at my birth now we have a good relationship, they now love and want me.

Most of the girls my age living in the slum I grew up in are uneducated. Now, parents in my community have seen my success and are starting to enroll their children in schools. I now mentor several girls in my community.

In the future, I want to study a Masters Degree in Event Management in Australia or Canada. Then I want to comeback to India and start my own Event Management Company employing women with unrecognized talent. I want to empower unemployed women such as home-makers etc by drawing out their gifts and talents and use them in the Event Management Industry. I believe that whatever I have achieved in my life is just because of Jesus Christ".

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